Job Fair- CTU Style

With the recent revelation that FOX is giving a few more seasons/days to 24, and the fact that the show kills about a character an hour, it’s pretty much certain the show is going to introduce new characters in future years.

I’ve been thinking that as great as the 24 writers are, their skills have been limited in one way- coming up with things for CTU staff to do. All we’ve seen are analysts/computer people, field agents, doctors, redshirts and administrators. To keep things interesting, I propose adding the following positions to the CTU workforce. We know these people exist somewhere, or CTU wouldn’t function. Let’s see them on TV!

Graphic Artist:
In past seasons, within minutes of identifying a major terror suspect, all the big screens at CTU display slide shows of the suspect featuring pictures of the suspect in action, x-rays and baby pictures. Someone talented puts these together. I’m sure in they’re off time when they’re not at threat level red, they do constructive things, like put pictures of Chloe’s head on Princess Leia’s body.

Purchasing Agent:
Where do they get those wonderful toys? Well, this is the person that can find cell phones that can blow up bad guys and duffel bags that can hold a human head. Sure, she gets pissy when you crash your deluxe CTU SUV, but she knows how to get this stuff at a discount.

Internal Traffic Coordinator:
CTU has a lot of rooms. Rooms for torture. Rooms for servers. Bathrooms. This is the person that you go to when you need to find a “conversation room” for the suspect you’ve just brought in and your favorite room is already being used by Jack. This is also the person that will keep family members out of the rooms their loved ones were recently killed in.

Those CTU folks need to eat sometime. Since the only things around CTU are a parking lot, a backalley and the rest of LA within five minutes driving time, CTU has to have some type of cafeteria or commissary on campus. I see this being as more of a Mel from “Alice” type and not some primadonna-Wolfgang Puck-type who will browbeat everyone into trying the latest batch of foie gras at inopportune times.

OSHA Compliance Coordinator:
CTU isn’t exactly the safest place to work. It’s got ventilation issues and possible weak masonry from the last bomb attack. The federal government needs to hire someone to keep the workplace safe, or 24 Season 7 may feature Jack fighting against time to keep CTU from being shut down.

Any other ideas?

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