I hope that’s not an Oceanic flight he’s hopping on

Seems like a lot happened during the 1:00 a.m.- 2:00 a.m. hour.

Another great episode, which brings us closer to the end, but nowhere close to solving what’s going on and how Jack is going to bring an end to all of this.

The last few episodes, for the most part, have solved the previous episodes’ cliffhanger in the first ten minutes, allowing the action to move on to something else. I kind of like that.

So the Clint Howard clone and the headset club are behind everything. At least this layer. I don’t know if it’s me, but it feels like bad guys are just popping out of the woodwork. My two complaints about this season, so far are:

1) Too many deaths of meaningful characters. I think that one speaks for itself.

B) It seems like the entire population of the state of New Hampshire is working for the bad guys. Who knows, by the end of the day, they may add Vermont to that total. So far, they’ve had:

-The gang that killed Palmer, then went after Chlöe and Jack.
-The airport gang.
-Yellow Tie’s posse.
-Bierko’s posse, which launched attacks on the mall and the hospital, and the Philip Seymour Hoffman look-alike that hit CTU.
-Nathanson’s (was that even his name?) group.
-Wave after wave of guys working for RoboCop.
-The headset gang.
-The guy on the plane.

And I’m sure there are more to come! Judging from the conversation held by the members of the headset club, they’ve been planning this for 18 months. I know it’s an intricate plan, but haven’t they ever heard of keeping teams small so as not to attract attention?

Anyway, onto the other pointless thoughts:

-Audrey’s jacket is ruined. Not to play Mr. Blackwell, but it didn’t look good on her anyway.

-The episode’s first Buchanan-Chlöe moment had some great dialouge. I caught something about how he needed to get a better computer and that he wasn’t her boss anymore. But I was laughing too hard to get it all.

-I want to hook up my computer to my TV like that. Then I’ll be able to see the kingdom as it was meant to be seen.

-I thought it was odd that the airbags didn’t go off when Jack rammed Henderson’s car. Unless he intentionally stole an old car.

-Couldn’t Heller have just driven into the trees? Remeber what I said earlier about too many meaningful characters being killed off? Well, here you go. Heller was a great character, and while it was well-written, I thought his death was unnecessary. Still, people have come back from that sort of thing. Well, at least Audrey’s still got her loser brother around.

-Now who is this jackass in the headset bossing Logan around?

-That redshirt that brought Sexual Harassment Sherri up to Hayes is going to be in trouble!

-I think Logan needs a screw replaced- his head has been bobbing around all over the place all episode.

-One thing this season has had going for it is great acting. The scene between the First Lady of Cleavage (played by Jean Smart) and Logan was amazing. I hate Logan as a character, but Gregory Itzin is a great actor. I was real disappointed though that he walked out of that room without at least getting slapped.

-So this headset club is behind it all. And they threw out that they’ve been planning this for 18 months. Does this mean they were behind the stuff Marwan did too, or did they just see an opportunity once Logan took office?

-Damn, Curtis sure believes in the dramatic entrances, doesn’t he?

-The big question of the week: Does Jack have to check the manpurse?

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