Never a dull moment

I have this weird neighbor.

The guy’s not Kramer-level weird, but he’s not quite serial-killer level weird. He’s lived in the building for more than 10 years, he doesn’t have a car and it’s impossible to encounter him without being pulled into a conversation.

He seems like a nice guy and all, but he always wants to talk about the weather, and every time I’ve talked to him throughout the past six years, he’s used the phrase “never a dull moment.” It’s like his catchphrase or something.

I was doing some laundry, and saw him a bunch of times walking through the halls carrying stacks of things- DVDs, books, posters. I finally asked him if he was becoming a minimalist or something, and he said he was moving. Across the street.

So this probably means that at six years, I now have lived in this building the longest. It would be depressing if I wasn’t moving out in September.

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