Gives a new meaning to fly-by-wire

Because Monday Night Raw was in town, I had to tape 24 tonight. It’s a good thing I go in to work at 4 tomorrow afternoon. See, I need my sleep, I could never live in the 24-verse.

So to update: The president is bad, and he’s being controlled by Lobot and the rest of the headset gang. Jack is on a plane, trying to find the recording. Henderson is in CTU custody. Buchanan is in custody, but not really. Karen’s good, but pretending to be bad. Miles is bad, and not pretending to be a prick. He was just born that day. Chlöe’s still on the run. Wayne, Aaron, Audrey and Curtis aren’t getting paid a cent for this episode. And all of our other favorite characters are still dead.

Still, this hour was really good. Feels like they’re going to end this season strong- I really feel like I have no idea how this season will play out. Sure Jack will survive because FOX gave Kiefer a nice fat new contract, but I pretend I don’t know that when watching.

This episode had action, drama, suspense and all that other stuff we watch for. But the best part about this episode- Buchanan’s line (more below).

Random, not-so-deep thoughts about this hour.

-I know Chlöe’s smart and all, but hanging out in a hotel bar after midnight isn’t the best way for anyone to get work done.

-I was a bit disappointed that Jack didn’t get to the cabin through the toilet like the dude in Catch Me If You Can.

-So is the First Lady of Cleavage (Martha Sugarbaker Logan, as played by Designing Women’s Jean Smart) really going crazy, or is she trying to plant some idea in Mike’s head? I was busy trying to figure that out rather than complain that her scenes were taking away from the action.

-So Lobot gets on the horn to Logan and basically exposits away. Geez, who died and gave him the jackhammer of plot?

-Mike’s not only the Chief of Staff, he also serves as Martha’s Dr. Feelgood.

-I love Chlöe moments. Her shocking the barfly was actually better than last season’s machine gun incident.

-I mentioned Flight 815 last week. Now Jack shouts “Open the damn hatch!” I think this show is turning into Lost.

-Lobot can’t take his headset off!! That will cause him to cease to be super-smart!! Or something.

-I didn’t think my admiration/respect for Buchanan could grow any more, but he goes and delivers the line of the season (so far): “You have no idea what you’re dealing with you little ass kisser.”

-If that were real life, I don’t think Karen would have been able to keep a straight face after that line.

-Geez- Miles must have been a real fun kid to hang out with in elementary school.

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