Double the 24, Double the fun

One of the biggest things I like about the back-to-back-etc. nature of the last two seasons of 24 are the two-hour season finale weeks.

Of course, with the idiots in the scheduling department over at ABC putting the last episode of Alias on right up against the 24 season-ender, my two hours of 24 were punctuated with two hours of Alias. I’m just glad I have multiple ways to tape shows.

I really don’t know where to begin this stream of thoughts. I thought the two ending episodes were real good- solid storytelling, even if one of the developments (the nuclear sub) seemed kind of tacked on at the ending. I just had the feeling (starting two weeks ago with Bierko’s head-nod of doom) that they didn’t have enough Logan takedown material to last two weeks, so they added the whole sub um, sub-plot.

Still, I had a feeling they’d end this season with a cliffhanger, which I didn’t want. I’m just glad it wasn’t the cliffhanger I thought it would be, and I’m glad Jack, Aaron, Chlöe et al. were able to take care of the Logan situation.

Here now my not so deep thoughts about the final hours of season five:

-Nice to see Bierko give the inspirational speech that we see from sub captains in just about every submarine movie. Of course, it probably would have had more of an effect if there were more than three guys aboard the sub.

Admiral Sugar Ray Leonard is back! And he still looks pissed at George Costanza.

-Why is Robocop asking Jack for a gun? Can’t he just pull one out of that inner thigh holster thing he has?

-Now what are the odds that a 12-year-old kid (Rooney? Seaman Ed Rooney?) is the only surviving member of the sub crew? And that Jack Bauer would talk him through his first murder. If the whole taking down the president thing doesn’t work, Jack has a great career ahead of him as a motivational speaker.

-I liked the way that Jack killed Bierko. Jack Bauer has now killed more people by choking them with his legs than anyone in the history of the known universe.

-You think that RoboCop would know better than to fire a gun at Jack Bauer without checking to see if it had any ammo.

-Nice callback to season one with the Jack-RoboCop standoff. Kind of weird that Seaman Ed Rooney got to watch it. Why do I have this vibe that Jack is going to adopt Rooney and train him in the ways of being a man?

-I really liked the no commercials during the first 15 minutes.

-Was that a Presidential seal on the door of the car Jack was driving?

-How did Aaron know the records were destroyed?

-Aaron: “It’s the truth, so help me God.” Spoken like a man practicing to take the oath of office sometime soon.

-At least Mike didn’t ask Aaron to hide in the trunk, what with the dead body and all.

-Was I the only one wondering who in the blue hell Morris was? And when did Chlöe get married? That must’ve been an interesting dynamic.

-Morris: “I could, but it would be a terrible waste of my charm.” Maybe I’m wrong. I’m starting to like this guy already.

-Okay, horny Charles Logan is the most repulsive thing ever.

-Jack is willing to go as far as it takes. Guess Martha (who returns as the First Lady of Cleavage tonight!) is too.

-I feel so bad for Martha. Jean Smart does such a good job of conveying disgust, without letting Logan see it.

-Jack confronts Logan in the chopper. I think Logan needs a new pair of pants.

-I really thought that Jack was outsmarted by Logan (I don’t know what caused me to lose my faith). But I did appreciate the exposition wrap-up of the season. It got a little hard-to-follow there.

-Okay, Logan just said something about making love. I think all of America just threw up in its collective mouth.

-Wow, Charles quotes the poet. He has some good speechwriters. Makes that had some good speechwriters.

-Damn, the Chinese work quickly. But this is probably a slow boat to China. I’m betting it’s going to take hmmm…24 hours to get there?

I thought it was a real solid season. Going to be interesting seeing where they go with next year- even thought they got rid of a few characters I liked, I think they have a good base for people coming back next year. I’ll actually be a bit sad to see Logan no longer in charge, but Leland Palmer should be a capable president. And there’s always hope that Miles will still get the smackdown that’s coming to him. And I’d have to say that even though they are really into pictures of my foot, the people of China are no match for Jack Bauer.

By the way, had quite a few people googling for Jean Smart’s cleavage today. There’s a nice little readership segment that I probably won’t have anymore.

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