That’s a wrap.

After five years, one of my favorite TV shows is over.

It’s probably a good thing, because I’ve put way too much energy into watching Alias since the Civee first introduced me to it in the middle of the first season.

With only a few exceptions, every commercial break since that first episode I watched, she and I would call each other, talking about the latest developments in the show. It’s something I’m going to miss. But we’re getting married and we’ll actually be in the same city, so that’s a tradeoff that I’d gladly make.

Back to Alias. The show was frustratingly awesome. There were dropped plot points, retconning galore and questions never answered. But the show could tell a story, develop characters and create a world where you wondered (in a good way) what the hell was that?

I am a bit disappointed that they killed off one of my favorite TV characters ever, Jack Bristow. But at least he followed through on his promise to bury Arvin Sloane.

There were other little things that got to me- inconsistencies that I tried not letting bug me too much, the writers never explaining what all these Rambaldi artifacts did, but the show really did come full circle.

I’m sure I’ll have more to write some other time, but after having this and the 24 season finale in the same night (thank you, ABC scheduling idiots!), I’ll have to save it.

Thank you Alias cast, crew and creators. It’s been a fun five years.

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