How Rivers feels today

Weezer fans are nervous after a recent mtv report hinting that the days of the weez may be over.

In the article, recently-married Rivers Cuomo says “Really, for the moment, we are done. I’m not certain we’ll make a record again, unless it becomes really obvious to me that we need to do one.”

While there is a hint of finality in that quote, it’s really nothing different from what he’s said in the past. In interviews from last fall and earlier this year, Rivers said he’s looking forward to taking some time off to enjoy married life. Not to mention, to take a lot of time meditating. This is no different from what he said months ago–he’s just choosing not to comment on the future.

Of course I don’t want to see the band call it quits. If this is the end, I think I’m fine with it. They’ve given a lot of great music (even though there’s more out there still unheard).

But I really don’t think this is the end. In the past, after other albums, the future of the band was always uncertain (except following the green album, when Rivers was in world domination mode), but they’ve always found their way back together. In the past two years, the band has been more creative and more unified than ever. And Make Believe has given the band its two highest-charting hits ever. I just don’t think this is it.

By the way, I love how everyone jumps on these stories, not caring at all about accuracy. I mean, “his move to Japan“? Do some freakin research sometime!

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