The Drummer Speaks

Ever since that infamous MTV interview first appeared two weeks ago, I’ve had a number of people I know (and some I don’t) tell me they’re sorry that weezer’s breaking up.

The condolences are nice, but unnecessary. =w= drummer (and the only member of the band I haven’t met)Pat Wilson posted an interesting response on his blog:

What is up with all the crazy bad journalism drawn from Rivers interview? I can assure you that =w= is fully intact. I know this because I am in Weezer. The glaring proof that today’s media is shallow reveals itself in this simple fact: not one person called me to ask my opinion. Which is cool cuz I would have made up some fantastic lie about becoming an Antarctic explorer.

Of course, if he had told some MTV “journalist” that, he’d be on the next airplane to the South Pole.

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