Thirteen weeks…

So I watched the Lost first-half season finale. And before I get to Lost, I want to say I have no interest in this show, “Day Break” that’s replacing Lost. I liked it better the first time when it was a comedy called Groundhog Day.

So I’ve been thinking about tonight’s episode, “I Do,” and I’m…


I expected more action or more story development, and while the Jack stuff was great, and the Locke stuff was interesting, the Kate flashbacks just dragged everything down. Even the caged heat moment with Sawyer was slow.

But I’ll be back in February, or whenever this glorious show returns.

Other thoughts:

-Locke and the main island lostaways can communicate and answer questions. Jack, Kate and Sawyer haven’t learned these skills yet.

-So I guess that Ben ‘adopted’ Alex.

-When Locke admitted to Sayid that they were making a detour before going back to the beach, I expected him to go after Mr. Eyepatch in the Mystery Hatch. Still, it was a nice gesture to get the Jesus Stick. “Look north.” Well, I think the Other’s dock and stuff is north.

-The more this Pickett guy lives, the more hate I feel. How does shooting Sawyer avenge Coleen’s death?

-And his line about how Jack wasn’t on “Jacob’s list.” Who’s Jacob? Please don’t tell me he’s some 24-style second mole inside the lostaway’s camp. Please let Jacob be Ethan’s real last name or something.

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