All in the family

Usually, after the double-two-hour season openers of 24, they take it slow with hour five.  But this year, they gave us some action, some reveals and one classic Bauer beatdown.

First off I have to say the mushroom cloud is a pretty damn haunting visual.  It’s something that happened last episode- it’s not a big reveal, but just seeing it there in the background made me think ‘DAMN’ every time I saw it.  I guess I had never thought about how long a mushroom cloud would linger before, but now 24 has got me thinking about that.  And it’s a worse image than seeing Jack cut Chase’s arm off, or shoot a suspect in the knee, or even Sherri Palmer try and get all seductive.  The mushroom cloud was haunting, especially just the way it ung there.  And for once, I couldn’t blame the people who were panicking for their panicked state. 

The major part of this episode was definitely the reveal of Lobot (head of the headset gang) from last season as Jack’s brother.  I wonder how long they had this backstory in mind for the character–especially considering he gave the word to kill Jack last season.  It would be nice if Jack found out that his brother was behind the events of Day 5, but I don’t expect that to happen.  That type of thing, they’d drag out a few seasons.

Two other thoughts about the Bauer brother:

-What’s his name?  Gray? Graham? Graeme?  I caught at least three different pronunciations, so he could be named after either a former Governor of California, a type of cracker that’s really a cookie, or a former Yankees reliever who throws a mean right claw.

-After watching Jack’s beatdown of G.Bauer, I really think one of those two is adopted.  No way Jack comes from the same genepool as this guy.

 And now, time for the usual random thoughts and stupid comments about this episode:

-They’re really fudging the time this year- the news had video and reporters talking about the bomb just minutes after it went off.  I knew some people in news don’t like to wait for sources, but that’s ridiculous.

-If I heard the CTU chatter correctly, the bomb wiped out most or all of CTU’s field teams.  Jack relly is on his own.

-I have a feeling the bunker we got to see is cooler than the bunker that’s really under the White House.  By the way, who furnished that thing, IKEA?  If I were still single, that’s what I’d want my living room to look like.

-This guy who was on the roof- or knew about the chopper- what was he doing that he didn’t notice a nuclear bomb go off a few miles away?

-So we’ve met Jack’s brother.  And we know we’re going to meet his brother.  But will we have to wait another season to meet Aunt Carol?

-Speaking of the Bauer family, is the English guy’s girlfriend supposed to be Kim Bauer in 20 years?

-Funniest line of the night goes to Sandra Palmer (to the FBI agent): “Please don’t give me speeches.”  How has she not gotten slapped yet?  All she’s done in four hours on the show is give speeches.  Maybe it’s time to play the quiet game, Sandra.

-Speaking of the Palmer family, I like Wayne, and I know his address to the nation required a certain mood, but his speech delivery sounded like he was falling asleep.  Or telling someone a bedtime story.  I don’t expect him to be doing a song and dance up in front of the fake Oval Office backdrop, but Wayne, lay off the Nyquil.

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4 thoughts on “All in the family

  1. My line of the night goes to Chloe:

    “Why do people I know keep dying?”

    Well, you work for a government agency that stops terrorism. See that period over there?

  2. OK, I need some help with characters here. I only started watching last season and I feel G. Bauer’s wife is a character not new the 24 family – also the blonde in the one guy’s car? Is this true…? How do they relate to the big 24 picture?

  3. Maybe the Bauer brothers are like the movie Twins, Lobot was the left over parts when they created Jack

    I think lobot’s son is actually jack’s. I just had a feeling with the way they were shoting thier interaction, and he looks more like jack.

    Also, why did they not get Donald Sutherland to play Jack’s dad? Instead we get “that’ll do pig.”

  4. Brian: Both G. Bauer’s wife and the blonde girlfriend of the Scottish/Australian guy are new this season.

    J-Dog: Great idea on the Twins bit. And I think G.Bauer’s son looks more like Kim Bauer than anyone else.

    I think Donald Sutherland should have played Daddy Bauer. But only if he reprised his Oddball character from Kelly’s Heroes.

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