Lookout Elvis!

So while doing some random surfing, I noticed that the US Postal Service is scheduled to introduce postage stamps commemorating Marvel Super Heroes.

39 cents for a copy of X-Men 1!

As a fan, former collector and disgruntled stockholder, I think this is pretty cool–especially using the so-called Golden Age artwork and earliest versions of some of the characters.

Although the comics geek in me has two minor issues:

-While Wolverine remains one of the most popular X-Men, he wasn’t around for X-Men issue 1.

-I really didn’t know that Spider-Woman and Elektra (mediocre Jennifer Garner movie notwithstanding) were all that popular.

Now that I think about it, if they really wanted to get the attention of comics fans, they’d have multiple versions of each stamp, in varying chromium covers, wrapped in plastic selling for five dollars each.

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