Get well, Bobby

A few weeks ago, former Yankee outfielder Bobby Murcer had surgery to remove a brain tumor.  Tests revealed the tumor was malignant and Bobby is currently undergoing treatment. 

I don’t remember Bobby as an active player.  Instead, I know Bobby from his years as a color commentator for Yankees games on WPIX and later the YES network.  I always liked his commentary and while I only know of his playing days through reading about them, he was one of a handful of bright lights during the darkness of the late 60s-early 70s.

Earlier this week, Michael Kay had Bobby as a guest on his radio show.  I actually sat down and listened to the podcast of the interview.

Bobby sounds good, like he always has.  Some of the stories are interesting, but it’s nice to hear that people really think he’s a good guy.  I really hope he keeps pulling through with his recovery.

The only tough part of the interview is listening to Kay’s horrible, horrible theme music.

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