How do you follow that up?

For those of you keeping score:

24: 2
Sledge Hammer!: 1

I think the creative team behind 24 is definitely using this four-hour premiere to their advantage. Early on in the series, they established having a cliffhanger at the end of each hour as standard procedure. But packing in an emotional cliffhanger (Curtis’ death), along with the storyline cliffhanger (a nuclear bomb going off in a somewhat populated area) guarantees at least some return in viewership for those who just happened to be giving this show a try.

And for those of us who have been here before, it gets us nicely caught up after having been 24-less for a number of months.

Anyways, my thoughts on hours three and four of day six:

-Jack Bauer has been out of Chinese custody and back in society for a little more than two hours. He’s already giving terrorbuddy lessons on global political science. Me? I’d be asking about what’s happened in the world in the last two or whatever years (example:”Pluto’s not a planet anymore? Since when??”).

-Chlöe is a lot more sentimental than she used to be. Maybe Morris brings out her softer side. Speaking of she who rocks, why isn’t Chlöe this Nadia person’s boss?

-“Don’t get up.” I’ll have to remember that line for the next time I carjack someone. Maybe the Chinese let Jack play some Vice City when they had him in custody.

-Can Wayne please have his sister killed?

-I think “Priority Three” is this year’s “Flank Two.” At least now I know what to say when I call up the White House.

-The hostage family should have given terror teen the wrong drugs. Should’ve slipped him some of dad’s viagra or something. Or at least given him too many pills.

-I noticed a bumper sticker on the back of the car that terrorbuddy was driving. Didn’t see it clearly though, but what are the odds it was a “Re-Elect Logan” sticker?

-Buchanan is losing his temper. Something must be wrong.

-Speaking of losing their temper, Curtis was acting like a baby with a wet diaper since 7:00. I’m glad it didn’t take us that long to find out why. But I still think Jack should have put him in the Million-Dollar Dream for old time’s sake.

-Did the White House just fax that pardon agreement to dumbass teen’s father’s fax machine in his home office or what?

For a two-hour episode, I really didn’t have that much in the way of dumb and pointless commentary. Could be because I’m just glad 24 is back. Or maybe because with the exception of the Sandra Palmer stuff, this season is shaping up to be pretty good.

Thoughts on episodes 1 and 2 are available here.

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