This song brought to you by CBS

Since first hearing them sometime last decade, I’ve been a casual fan of Fountains of Wayne. While they’re not the weez, they have a gift for making some really catchy pop-rock tunes.

One thing that bugs me about them every now and then is their songs delve into the “slice of life of someone else”/story-style song. I heard some bits of their new album, and they keep this tradition alive. The one song that stood out (and even though it was a story song, I liked it), was the first single “Someone to Love.”

I was listening to the song this morning, and two of the lines bugged me:

And a date with the Late Show’s all that you’ve got

But she’s sitting at home watching “The King of Queens”

Are they getting some kickbacks from CBS for the title dropping, or what?

On a kind of related note, the Civee and I recently saw Music and Lyrics, a romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant. The music in the movie was written by Adam Schlesinger, a cornerstone of FoW. No big surprise, the songs in Music and Lyrics are actually pretty good.

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