WrestleMania Hangover

Last night, I was one of 80,000 plus that packed Detroit’s Ford Field to watch WrestleMania 23.

And I was pleasntly surprised, as it was a really good show.

The seats were in the tenth row of the second level. I could tell what was happening in the ring, but there was an overhead light that blocked my view of the video screen. I was happy with the results of all the matches, even if the rest of the crowd wanted to kill John Cena.

The only negatives- the sound was real loud. And Lilian Garcia has the world’s most annoying voice. So try imagining that at about a billion decibles.

The event ended before 11, and I got back to Columbus a few minutes before four in the morning. Considering that and the fact that it’s Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, I’m glad I took today off.

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