Am I watching the right show?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been going on and on about how the latest hours of 24 haven’t had enough Jack. The focus lately has been on political/legal intrigue in the White House bunker and love parallelograms at CTU. And while those are okay in the background, they cannot carry a whole episode (or multiple episodes) of 24 as they’ve been doing lately.

Tonight’s episode was boring. There were a few minutes of Jack in action near the end, but even that wasn’t enough to save this episode. In an effort to show that I think the show can do better, I have three things that should have happened this episode to have made it better:

-Wayne Palmer, after being awoken from his coma, should have shown some side effects. Maybe a touch of tourette’s. Maybe the ability to see the future. Or maybe the gift of ventriloquism, which would have made that 25th amendment meeting interesting.

-Instead of listing the books he’s read to try and impress Nadia, Special Agent Mike Doyle should have used either of the following lines: “Hey, remember Carlton from Fresh Prince? He and I were best friends growing up.” or “My dad has a scale model train that runs through his house. Wanna ride the train with me?”

-The chase at the end should have ended up on that ferris wheel. I could just see Jack following Fayed and the one-armed commie by jumping from gondola-to-gondola. While Jack did kill two bad guys tonight, involving the ferris wheel would have really made things entertaining.

This is what happens when the show is boring. Instead of thinking of (somewhat) witty things to say about what goes on in the episode, I’m making up what should be going on in the episode. So please, 24 producers, have Jack go back to being the focus of the show by kicking ass and killing bad guys.

What do you think?

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