Lost Lays an Egg[town]

Compared to the utter awesomeness of the first three episodes of Lost Season Four, episode four, a.k.a. Eggtown, was merely pedestrian.

That’s not to say it didn’t have its moments. But the person who the story was centered around is, in my opinion, the least interesting character on Lost. I think Lost has some great characters with great storylines. But for some reason Kate, and her storylines and relationships, just bores me.

Even though I wasn’t floored as I was during some of this season’s previous episodes, there were some eye-opening scenes tonight, the least of which was the first shot of the episode. The episode opened with Locke, laying on a couch, waking up. For a moment, I thought the episode was going to be Locke-centric (forgetting he was currently living in Ben’s old house). It was an interesting take on the typical flash-eye-open the show has done before. Except for the scene where he took out his frustrations on a plate of eggs and melon, I liked Locke tonight. Especially when he brought “breakfast” to Miles.

Locke’s scenes were interesting. I’m intrigued by Miles and his extorting (or blackmailing) of Ben. I want to see where this whole thing with the missing chopper is going. But Kate and Sawyer? Kate and her mother? Kate and Jack? Meh.

Okay, the whole twist at the end, with Kate and “Aaron” is somewhat interesting. And if it’s Claire’s Aaron, it’ll throw a monkeywrench into the whole “this child cannot be raised by another” prophesy. But overall, the only thing I got out of Kate’s flashforwards was in Jack’s testimony, where he gave a brief outline of the lie that the Oceanic Six are telling the public. As far as I can tell, the plane crashed in the water, eight (Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid and four others) survived on a deserted island with no food and two of those eight died before being rescued. And they’re celebrities now, but forced to live a lie. To me, that’s interesting, and at least this episode served up that answer.

A few other random observations:

-Isn’t it supposed to be Christmas on the island sometime soon?

-I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see dinner at Locke’s. (And I almost expected a Twilight Zone-style twist with Locke cooking up Ben for dinner).

-I’d watch a half-hour sitcom centered around the adventures of roomates Hugo and James.

-Sawyer’s line about Kate going back and forth between him and Jack was dead on.

Xanadu is one of the worst movies ever.

-Kate’s lawyer looked familiar. He was played by the actor who played Ronnie Lobell, Jack Bauer’s replacement at CTU, who didn’t “stop [Jack] cold.”

Your thoughts?

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