What'samatter Babe Are Ya Feelin' Sick?

For the past few days, the Civee and I have been under the weather in more ways than one.

Beginning Friday, central Ohio was hit by a storm which dropped anywhere from 13 to 20 inches of snow on the area. As if the white death wasn’t enough, we’ve been sick.

The Civee has a nasty cough and a lot of congestion. I had a fever which hit 101.9 and has left me dizzy and disoriented (even more disoriented than usual).

Because the rest of my family lives everywhere but Columbus, they’ve been calling throughout the past few days to check on how we’ve been dealing with the snow. When I inform them of our illness, they’ve all passed along advice. Different advice.

My father advised taking a lot of vitamin C. My mother said we should drink hot tea and soup.

But my grandmother had the most interesting advice. She said to take a quarter cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of honey, mix it together and drink a tablespoon of it every six hours. I asked her if this was something she would try and she said yes, and the vinegar is important because it’s supposed to kill the germs in your throat.

I haven’t tried it. But I did think; wouldn’t drinking a can/bottle of beer every hour (or more frequently, depending on the illness) do the same thing?

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