Drunken Irabu Beats Up Bartender and I Reap the Rewards

I know I’m a day late with this, but former Yankee hurler Hideki Irabu has been arrested in Japan for drunkenly beating up a bartender.  Or beating up a bartender drunkenly.  The key points of this story: he was drunk, and he beat up a bartender (not to mention downing 20 mugs of beer and afterwards, paying for the damage).  From Yankee Blogger Pete Abraham:

Former New York Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu was arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting a bartender after drinking 20 mugs of beer, a police official said.Irabu, 39, became angered after his credit card was rejected. He then allegedly pushed the bartender against the wall, pulled his hair and smashed at least nine liquor bottles at a bar in Osaka, western Japan, a police official said on condition of anonymity, citing department policy.

The bartender sustained no injuries. Irabu paid the bill with another credit card. The police official said Irabu admitted the assault.

I feel compelled to report this because I sponsor Irabu’s Baseball Reference page, and have noticed a slight uptick in the number of visitors in the past day. 

As noted on the page, I still have two Irabu t-shirts (but I don’t remember the last time I wore either). The New York Times tried to check in with Irabu a few months ago, and I wrote about it here.

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