The System Is Down

This afternoon, upon returning to to work from my Hour of Me, something was awry- the e-mail server was down.  No one could send or receive e-mails.  If you wanted to talk to a co-worker, you had to call them, or (gasp!) walk to their office.

I have to admit, it was a very productive few hours.  Of course, when the system came back up (with just a half-hour to go in the day), I was slammed with requests to do (whatever) now.

After experiencing an e-mail blackout for a few hours, I wouldn’t mind, maybe once a month, a whole day of not having e-mail.  It would allow me to catch up on all the little things that immediate communication puts a damper on.  Of course, the next day, I’d probably need another catch-up day to go through all the e-mail I missed the day before.

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