Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

So on tonight’s episode of 24 (Day 7: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.), an industrial plant in a small town is threatened.  A remote computer controls the release of toxic gas, but when that system is compromised, the buildup of said gas threatens to explode, putting that town in danger.  Only the brave efforts of one man, who must sacrifice himself to save the day by throwing the manual release lever can save the day…

King Size Homer looks better in a mu-mu than Jack Bauer would.

Aside from the derivative plot of the terrorist target on tonight’s 24 (and ignoring the fact that Kidron is an unincorporated township rather than a growing metropolis), this hour wasn’t that bad.  

The obvious highlight: Jack, Tony, Bill and Renee’s assault on the terrorist’s compound.  At least this show can still put on a good raid.  Now that the terrorists have lost the CIP device, the only leverage they have is the first husband.  Sadly, after his awesome takedown of Evil Secret Service Agent Number One last week, he didn’t hulk up again this week and spent most of this hour on his back awaiting the three count.  Really though, how long can they keep that up as their main threat throughout the day?  Personally, I’m awaiting the arrival of Jon Voight as the head bad guy.  

Speaking of bad guys, I think this season has given us the best name for a 24 villain so far:

Seriously? Ike?  Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention the last few weeks, but until this moment tonight, I hadn’t noticed that the main baddie’s first name was Ike.  I don’t know if it’s me, but I’d have trouble taking him seriously if he was on the other end of the red phone.  To me, the name Ike isn’t exactly threatening.  

One thing we learned tonight–Ike has been living in America as a sleeper agent.  He knows how to take mass transporation, and he has a waitress girlfriend.  I think he would have been more effective had he dropped the accent when he saw her at the door.  But still, his name’s Ike.  So how scary can he be?

My final comment about tonight:  They still haven’t given me a reason to like the FBI or any of its agents.

One other thing–now that I’m getting into 24 again, I’ve started re-visiting If witty 24 banter is your bag, this is your place.

What did you think?

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3 thoughts on “Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

  1. I just noticed it was “Ike” last night too, so it wasn’t just you.

    This episode was a huge let down if you ask me. I guess you finally had a showdown (of sorts) between Ike and the good guys, but it just didn’t seem as bad ass as I expected.

    The one thing I did like was that Ike has a girlfriend. All too often we don’t see that side of villains, so it’s a good addition that will certainly show up later.

  2. You’re right- the showdown wasn’t bad ass at all. But it was still nice to see some action.

    Although Jack hasn’t killed anyone with his legs this season, so maybe he’s slipping.

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