Oklahomers Have Great Taste In Music

Until yesterday, Ohio was the only state with an official state rock song.

Back in the 80’s, the Ohio Legislature made Hang on Sloopy the official state rock song.  The Oklahoma State Legislature followed suit this week, only their choice for a song is much better:

A song by the alternative rock band The Flaming Lips has been given a big statewide kiss in Oklahoma.

Their tune “Do You Realize??” was named the state’s official rock song, beating out more famous songs written or recorded by Oklahomans such as “Heartbreak Hotel,” co-written by former Oklahoma school teacher Mae Boren Axton, and recorded by Elvis Presley.

“We have an official state folk song and a state country song. With as many outstanding rock artists as we have in Oklahoma, it was time to recognize this music as well,” said Sen. Mike Schulz, R-Altus.

More than 21,000 voted online from a list of 10 songs selected by a panel of experts. The winner was announced Monday in the Oklahoma Senate.

-from the AP

I’m a bit disappointed that Ohio’s song is a soundalike of Louie, Louie, while the Oklahomers (Oklahomies? Oklahomans? Oklahomites? Oklahomians?) are represented by an alt-rock masterpiece.  

Oh well. I salute you, Oklahoma.  Well done.

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One thought on “Oklahomers Have Great Taste In Music

  1. The Flaming Lips? I’m not sure I would want that as my state song.

    I love that song too, but what does it tell you about the state? I view that song as a sonic jouney through sad-bastard romantic-ness. The song is just a downer.

    That is a great song but if I found out it was Ohio’s song then I’d be bummed. Unless, of course, you want people to know your state as a sad bastard state.

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