LaFleur's The Name, Don't Wear It Out

So master con-man Sawyer is trapped in the 70s has to come up with a new identity on the spot, and the best he can do is Jim LaFleur?

Well, at least he made himself captain of the boat, instead of deck swabber.

After enjoying the last two episodes of Lost, I expected a lot less of tonight’s episode, LaFleur.  Instead, I was pleasntly surprised–there was something different about this episode ( more of an emphasis on the dreaded relationships than on the mysteries of the island), yet even with that, I liked LaFleur (which is a big compliment for an episode not involving Ben, Locke or Hurley). 

So Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles and Faraday are finally staying in one place in time- the mid 70s.  Still no sign of Rose or Bernard.  We learned how the group joined up with DHARMA, made some type of peace between the hostiles and DHARMA and settled down with jumpsuits and all before learning that (at least some of) their friends have made it back to the island.

There were a lot of nods to island mythology- the giant statue, the mention of the Black Rock, mounting hostilities between the Others and DHARMA.  But there were also some seeds planted for future questions- for example, we saw the mid 70s on the island.  Yet the orientation films we saw were filmed in 80-81.  They talk of an incident, and hostilities between DHARMA and the Others.  And no mention of LaFleur, et al.  My guess? There’s one more (or more, if we get to see more about the statue or the Black Rock) time jump in store for the Lostaways to get back to when they’re supposed to be.  But I guess now the mystery of the first scene this season is solved- we know how (and possibly) why Daniel was at the Orchid in its stages of construction.  Now all he has to do is have a nice chat with Dr. Candle about time travel.

Some other things:

-I thought Horace was involved with someone else, not Amy.  That’s okay, because “Amy” was involved with someone else too.

-The best scene this episode was the one between Sawyer and Alpert.  It was nice to hear Sawyer actually lay everything out on the table for Alpert to judge.  We never did hear what happened with Jughead.  But Richard has got to be intrigued by all these visitors he’s getting from different times.

-In one of the night scenes of New Otherton, there was a Weber Grill outside one of the houses.  I’m really looking forward to grilling season.

-What do the Others want with a dead body?

-Maybe now that he’s spent three years immersed in a different culture, Jin will have a better grasp of English.  That’s not a knock on him- I thought it was one of the interesting things about his character.  But a lot of the communications issues that have been stumbling blocks are now gone.

Unfortunately, the next new episode of Lost won’t be happening for two weeks.  So I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself for the next thirteen days and 21.5 hours.  Probably cursing the programming idiots at ABC until I hear those magical words…

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