We're Number One!

The Kingdom hasn’t been this popular since a picture of my foot ruled the Chinese version of Google.

Today, I noticed an increased amount of traffic resulting from Google searches for the words Jack Bauer Mad Cow.  So I did a little googling of my own, and the number one site for those four words is the Kingdom (specifically, yesterday’s review of 24).

So for at least today, we here at the Kingdom are the number one in the world for something.

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3 thoughts on “We're Number One!

  1. Way to go! Welcome to your Two days worth of fame!

    The Toast had something similar with last year’s Miss South Carolina fiasco.

    At no other time did I suddenly wish my web site had more stuff on it.

    At least you can use all those pageviews to attract advertisers…oh wait… 😉

  2. Actually, it’s not too late. Tack on some Google AdWords to your page in the sidebar, header, and footer and you could actually make a few cents with this thing!

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