Dear Tony, Jack Will Shoot You In The Face. K Thx Bye.

Tony has the upper hand, for now.Last week, during the 1:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. hour of Season 7 or 24, Tony’s heel turn was the big surprise.  During tonight’s hour, we saw evil Tony in action, and even more surprising than seeing evil Tony was watching him plot against Jack, and in the final scenes, actually point a gun at and threaten Jack.

Jack Bauer has the symptoms of Mad Cow disease.  His memory may be Swiss Cheese and he may be unable to control even the smallest of bodily functions.  He may not be able to communicate that Tony has betrayed him and the country (yet again).

But one thing is for sure. No matter how much Tony may have a grip on the situation now, Jack Bauer will extract his revenge on Tony Almeida.  Jack Bauer will shoot Tony in the face.  Possibly after incapaciting Tony using his legs.  But Tony’s actions will not go unpunished.

The first three quarters of tonight’s episode actually left me underwhelmed.  We didn’t even near the depths of last season, but there were a few disconcerting elements.

The whole fake out the FBI to escape the perimeter gag was already pulled once this season.  You would think by now they would have code words to assure who they’re talking to on the other end of their walkie talkies is a legit agent.  Or at least check the transponder (like Jack suggested) before sending all agents on what could be a wild goose chase.

The other disappointing development saw Supervillain extraordinaire [My Name is] Jonas Hodges get taken down a peg.  He was napping in a White House holding cell (where things are back to working order mere hours after a terror attack) where we found out not only is he not in charge of all the bad stuff that’s going on today, but whoever these ‘Others’ are want him to take the fall.

As much as we here at the Kingdom have appreciated the genius of Jonas so far this season, for the first time, it can be said that him taking the fall (and answering to someone else) is very un-Blofeldian.  I am glad he’s not dead and may still be of some use.  But now, rather than evil mastermind, he’s more like a crazy uncle plotting his revenge on the mailman because his publisher’s clearinghouse form came a week late.

Now we’re left wondering who’s in charge of the fourth stage of this season’s plot.  I was surprised to hear Jonas and his non-lawyer refer to them by name:

But that’s just my guess.  I’ll probably be wrong on that one.

Two other things:

Once he was in the field, Jack was back to his normal self again (well, before the shaking spells started).  Seeing him check out the corpse and evidence and tell the on-scene medical examiner he had it all wrong was proof that Jack’s still got it.

In fact, after that wonderful use of his powers of deduction, I think they should re-open the JFK files and let Jack sift through that evidence.  Jack could erase forty-plus years of conspiracy theories in just a few minutes.  But first, he has to get his medication, find out about his granddaughter (who scarily looked similar to him) and shoot Tony in the face.

I have no doubt Jack can do all that.

Finally, to follow up last week’s save the environment PSA featuring Chlöe, this week, FOX chose to run one featuring Carlos Bernard, the actor who plays Tony.

Probably not a good idea.  Especially considering said character made Jack Bauer mad.  After seeing that, I have this enormous urge to club a baby seal, chop down the rainforest and buy a gas guzzling SUV.

Save the Earth Tony? Save your breath.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Tony, Jack Will Shoot You In The Face. K Thx Bye.

  1. Who cares about Jack getting his revenge on Tony?

    It seems that is all Jack is capable of doing – getting revenge.

    I’m not going to get into a tizzy over Tony becoming a villain. Especially since the show’s leading character is an unrepentant murderer and torturer who is incapable of facing his crimes.

  2. That scene where Jonas was being transported was aces–especially him asking the solider about his experiences with Starkwood operatives. I guess there’s no better time to do a customer service survey than when you’re in federal custody.

    And to the previous commenter, what good is the show if there’s no revenge?

  3. “And to the previous commenter, what good is the show if there’s no revenge?”

    Why on earth would you need revenge on this show? How infantile and barbaric.

  4. If the rest of the season were to play out with Jack sitting in some FBI conference room living with the effects of Mad Cow while Tony ran rampant, then it wouldn’t be interesting. Jack’s revenge is your plot for the remainder of the season.

    I’m not in a tizzy over Tony becoming a villain. It’s more severe disappointment- someone who’s been with the show since the beginning, who (at times) acted just as heroically as Jack, even saving Jack’s bacon a number of times, and seeing that character give it all up.

    Rosie, you may think Jack is an unrepentant murder and torturer, but he has faced his ‘crimes’. He lives with the effects of what he has done every day of his life, and as much as he may try to distance himself from what his past life (becoming an oil worker in Northern California, serving in Africa), he keeps getting pulled back in. He’s been tortured and murdered. He’s lost his family and his friends in the service of his country and to save people who, in the 24-verse, likely will never find out what he did for them.

    24 is Jack’s story. And no matter how infantile or barbaric his pursuit of revenge will be (which will be carried out in the course of saving the day yet again), that’s the story people are tuning in to see.

    Unless, like my wife, you’re watching for the political storylines.

    And Ed (who I believe busted out a line from Chuck), that part with Jonas and the soldier was the one part with Jonas that gave me any hope for his future (well, that and the previews).

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