Some Like It Hoth And Some Sweat When The Heat Is On

Ask a hundred people what they would do if they could travel back in time and you’d get a hundred different answers.

On tonight’s episode of Lost, Some Like it Hoth, we heard what Hurley’s plans are.  And all I have to say is it’s about time someone puts forth a time travel plan that makes sense.

Although I do have to say that I think Hurley was wrong in saying Empire Strikes Back could be improved. Hopefully, he was talking about just improving Return of the Jedi (with the whole “Ewoks suck” comment) and leaving well enough alone with Empire.

But he would also have the power to influence the prequels.  While I don’t have the issues with the prequels that some do, there are some areas that could be improved, and that would really be the advantage of time travel.

As a side note, I was planning on writing about how it would be torture for a Star Wars fan to travel back to the ’70s in 2004 and not have the chance to see Episode III.  But then, Hurley had a few years off the island, so hopefully, he got the chance to catch up on Revenge of the Sith in the inbetween years.

But enough about Star Wars

..tonight’s episode of Lost was centered around Miles, yet another island castaway who has father issues. Miles has spent his whole life looking for a father that he thought (because of his mother’s story) didn’t want any part of him.  Miles finds his father, and while, in his and Hurley’s words, may be a bit of a douchebag, he actually doesn’t appear to be that bad of a father.  Dr. Chang gives attention to his son and speaks of him lovingly.  By the end of the episode, I think we’re meant to see that the only thing Miles holds against his father is that he likes country music.

We also saw more of another father on the island, one who wasn’t so loving towards his son.  Roger Linus, after hearing of his son’s disappearance, did what he did best- proceeded to get plastered.  And what better place to do that than on a kid’s playset?

Roger’s an interesting character.  He is very unhappy with everything going on in his life.  He hates his son and his job.  He doesn’t have regular female companionship.  And when a woman does show the slightest bit of interest in him, he goes and accuses her of having something to do with the disappearance of his son.

Roger Linus sure has a way with the ladies.

Now, yes, Kate did have something to do with Ben being missing.  And she did lay it on pretty thick. But you would think that she and Jack would be sensible enough to say that she’s just trying to help out.  Or be there for Roger.  But unfortunately, Roger works on a different frequency than the rest of us.  So he’ll go to head hippie Horace and the jig will soon be up for LaFleur and crew.  Good going, Kate!

With the long-awaited reveals about Miles, the gathering suspicion on Kate and the rest of the castaways and the introduction of a possible new player, this episode sets up the remainder of the season very nicely.  Too bad we have to wait two weeks.

Some other things:

-They get Sports Illustrated on the island?  Miles should make some bets on the World Series and make some cash.

-The way Horace was throwing around the phrase “circle of trust,” you’d think he’s a time traveller who’s seen Meet the Parents 200 times.

-Is it me, or does the information Miles shared about the dead guy with Naomi prove Widmore’s behind the fake 815?

-This Bram fella (who’s working with Illana on the island) is interesting.  Does he work for Ben? Or is there a third party involved now?  He knows something about the island, and about Miles’ past.  But he gave Miles a choice.  And when Miles turned him down, Bram let Miles go.  So he’s not a killer. At least not yet.

What did you think?

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3 thoughts on “Some Like It Hoth And Some Sweat When The Heat Is On

  1. Listen, I don’t want Miles making bets on the World Series.

    You open that can of worms and suddenly Biff Tannen’s got a giant casino and nobody else in town’s got any money.

  2. I believe George Lucas wrote all three of the first movies as one script and then broke it up as it was far too long. Plus, ESB was already in production in late 1977, so Hurley was way too late. Nice sentiment, though.

    Where is the Miles story going? It is an interesting connection, but does it really further the plot enough to consume a whole episode? Moot question, as the writers can always decide how much Miles to include as we proceed…provided that Ken Leung doesn’t get a DUI in Hawaii.

    I would be a terrible time traveler. I am with Sayid, except I would have shot Little Ben in the head. And you know, if you kill a mosquito in the past…

    “Circle of Trust” had me thinking of “Meet the Parents,” as well. The writers knew that was too much for coincidence. They are having fun with us.

    I hate clip shows. Lazy, lazy. I am not watching next week.

  3. djl- Maybe Jacob’s the one who’s made the bets and has all the money. It’s his fault for everything else on the island.

    Rich- Yeah, Lucas wrote one big movie, but not everything was fleshed out. Even the earliest shooting script of Empire was a complete mess until Lawrence Kasdan got his hands on it. (As an aside, the development of the SW saga is fascinating, for more, check out The Star Wars Script Archive). Who knows, maybe George did get Hurley’s edits.

    Don’t know where Miles’ story is going, but at least it fleshed out some of the fighter backstory and opened the door to the third party.

    One thing I forgot to mention in the recap- where was the music in the DHARMA van coming from. Did Miles have some mix-8 track? Or was DHARMA originally using the radio tower to pump out some of the 70’s funkiest tunes. It’s just I don’t see Miles as a Captain and Tenille type of guy.

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