Lost: One Last Time

Way back when I first started watching Lost, I was drawn to the show because of all the mysteries.  While the characters were somewhat interesting, I watched because I wanted to find out more about the Island.  As the seasons progressed, sure, I liked the characters, but I wanted to learn more about things like the DHARMA Initiative, the smoke monster and the frozen donkey wheel.

Well, tonight was Lost’s final episode.  And not all of my questions have been answered.  But the finale was so emotionally satisfying, especially for the show’s characters that I find myself not caring about the mysteries.

Funny how these things work.

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The Hour of Chloe

Besides Jack, Chloe is the one constant in 24.  Since Day 3, her character has always been loyal (to Jack, at least), competent and involved in the action with very little personal drama or wasted subplots getting in the way.

However, during the last two days, Chloe was always treated as a sideshow- forced to withstand the mendacity of the intellectually challenged Agents Janis, Arlo and Dana.  But tonight, that all changed.  24 may be the story of the longest days in Jack Bauer’s life, but tonight’s episode was all Chloe.

It would be an understatement to say that Chloe has been underused this season.  Just like last season, Chloe has played the part of a fish out of water in the new CTU (although last year, it was the FBI). But in her actions tonight to get CTU back up and running after an EMP attack, Chloe’s story brought me back to simpler times when she stopped a terrorist’s runaway car with an automatic weapon.  Or that time she put down a lecherous barfly with a taser.

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Candidate Party At The Lighthouse

Over the six seasons of Lost, Dr. Jack Shepard has undergone an amazing character journey.  From an annoying man of science with meaningless tattoos, Jack has seen enough miracles and other amazing things happen on the Island to turn him into a man of faith who is somewhat tolerable.  At least on the Island.

As seen in tonight’s episode of Lost, The Lighthouse, the off-Island/sideways Jack is still an unsufferable bore.

But he is a candidate.

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What Kate Does is Annoy and Bore Me

I’ve been blogging about Lost since Season Two, and I’ve waited for five long seasons to use that as a title.

It’s fitting though, that here in Lost’s last season, in what’s hopefully the very last Kate-centric episode, that I would be frustrated with an episode centering around my least favorite Island castaway.  Kate seemingly has nothing to do with the larger Island mythology.  I can see no discernible reason why two otherwise likable characters would dispel all rational behavior in favor of acting like a bunch of idiots while fawning over her.  And most importantly, she’s not that interesting.

So in the third episode of Lost’s final season, we wasted an episode on Kate.  But we did get one big question answered:

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The Incident and The Accident

Dude 1: You’re still trying to prove me wrong, aren’t you?

Dude 2: You are wrong.

Dude 1: They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt.  It always ends the same.

Dude 2: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that, it’s just progress.

And so began tonight’s episode of Lost, the final episode of Season 5, The Incident. If anyone has any idea what happened, I’d like to know.

I had to watch that opening scene of tonights episode more than once.  I felt like there were a lot of hints involved in the conversation between Jacob and the adversary.  Between that and all the flashbacks involving Jacob and characters we’ve known for a while, it almost felt like we were watching a different show.  And with the ambigious ending of tonight’s two-hour Lost extravaganza, we Lost fans are left wondering whether it will even be the same show that returns in February of 2010.  Not to mention we’re all stuck counting down the days for some answers.  I’m sure the creators of Lost wouldn’t have it any other way.

So Jacob’s been around a while. He lives under the statue (or as some might say, in the shadow of the statue).  He can leave the island at will and has healing powers.  Through various methods, he brings people to the island.  And he shares the island with the adversary who wants to kill him, but because of some nebulous agreement, can’t.  It’s hinted that the adversary doesn’t always appreciate Jacob’s bringing people to the island and has a low opinion of mere mortals.  But he’s more than happy to use them for his nefarious means.

Well, Jacob has brought these people to the island for a reason (the aforementioned progress).  How that fits in with the incident at the Swan site and all the other assorted happenings on the island is anyone’s guess.  One of the many things we’ll have to wait until next February for.

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Dear Tony, Jack Will Shoot You In The Face. K Thx Bye.

Tony has the upper hand, for now.Last week, during the 1:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. hour of Season 7 or 24, Tony’s heel turn was the big surprise.  During tonight’s hour, we saw evil Tony in action, and even more surprising than seeing evil Tony was watching him plot against Jack, and in the final scenes, actually point a gun at and threaten Jack.

Jack Bauer has the symptoms of Mad Cow disease.  His memory may be Swiss Cheese and he may be unable to control even the smallest of bodily functions.  He may not be able to communicate that Tony has betrayed him and the country (yet again).

But one thing is for sure. No matter how much Tony may have a grip on the situation now, Jack Bauer will extract his revenge on Tony Almeida.  Jack Bauer will shoot Tony in the face.  Possibly after incapaciting Tony using his legs.  But Tony’s actions will not go unpunished.

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Namaste, Aloha and the Muppet Show

In the realm of Lost, as well as the rest of TV, I enjoy episodes that are either action or mythology-oriented. For the most part, I lose patience with episodes centered around emotions and relationships.

Even though I’d call tonight’s episode of Lost, Namaste, emotional, my reaction was different.  I enjoyed it.  It was a lot like a ‘set-up’ episode of 24, where characters and devices are introduced so the plot can shift into the next gear for the next episode.  Even though that’s usually a recipe for a so-so episode, that didn’t happen tonight.

First of all, things started off pretty quickly.

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Welcome Back

Welcome back, Oceanic Six…Welcome back.

For all the hubbub about this season of Lost featuring the cast split between the Island and the mainland, everyone got back on the same piece of land pretty quickly, huh?

I thought they were going to drag out the O6’s off-island storyline all season, but I’m glad they didn’t.  On tonight’s episode, 316, we’ve seen at least three of them (with possibly two more, plus Ben, Frank, the body of John Locke, Marshall Girl and the random first class dude of indeterminate origin) making it back to the island, in what appears to be the mid-seventies.  Meanwhile, Aaron’s back on the mainland taking acting lessons.  

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