Breaking Up The Days of Greatness

Since aught-five, the last weekend in March/first weekend in April has been a time of celebration here in the Kingdom.

Dubbed by some as the Days of Greatness, one of those weekends for the past five years has seen WrestleMania that Sunday night with Major League Baseball’s Opening Day the following day (sometimes both occasions end up on the same day, but I won’t complain).

Well, it looks like the proximity of the two events has gotten too big for the world to handle, as next year, the two are slated for separate weekends.  WrestleMania 26 will be March 28, with Opening Day scheduled for the following week.  Of course, this is based on MLB’s preliminary schedule, so there’s still chance that could change (and if it does, I’ll never again call Bud Selig the sport’s worst commissioner ever).

While I’m disappointed that WrestleMania and Opening Day will not be held the same weekend, I have to admit that of all the years for this to happen, this isn’t going to bug me that much.  I have something else going on early next April.

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