The Game's The Thing

I’ve had a conversation similar to the following each of the past four Fridays:

Random Person: So you watchin’ the game this weekend?

Me: I’m going to watch all three of them (insert comments about the Yankees’ opponents or how they fared over the past few days).

RP: Yeah, it’ll be a…wait…what?

In most instances, the random person who I’ve encountered in the elevator, or while out to lunch is talking about the local college football team.  I’m not.  And I don’t care about football, much less the local team.

As I’ve previously mentioned, some of these fans use the phrase “go bucks” to start, end and punctuate sentences.  Even suggesting that their team doesn’t factor into my weekend plans totally throws them off track, and in some cases, has been responded to with outright hostility.

Not that I care.  I just think it’s fun to mess with them.  Once baseball season is over though, I’m going to have to change my tactic.

I have to admit, the football game does factor into my weekend plans slightly.  Often, it’s the best time to go out and do something, whether it be shop or eat, as a  majority of the city is distracted. As long as I’m doing anything but watching their game, I’m happy.

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2 thoughts on “The Game's The Thing

  1. I think you need to start a group for people that don’t watch the OSU games. We can be our own little cult of haters.

    We have several friends that base their entire Fall season around the Buckeyes. They literally choose football over friends and other sane choices.

    If they were given $5,000 and had to spend it on a Saturday during the 3-hours of an OSU game, they would rather sit and watch the game. Nuff said.

  2. I think it’s a great idea. It’s not that I’m a hater. More that I don’t care. If anything stirs the emotions within me, it’s more of a backlash against the in-your-face fandom that’s present.

    But it sounds like a great idea. And I think you’re right about the $5,000. What, get off the couch when there’s a game on? You’re crazy!

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